Krispy Kreme introduces mini doughnuts

Krispy Kreme takes on the mini doughnut trend


Krispy Kreme’s new mini doughnuts.

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

Krispy Kreme has finally hopped on the mini doughnut trend. Starting this year, Krispy Kreme introduced the idea of mini doughnuts. These mini doughnuts were the treat I didn’t know I needed. This is new for Krispy Kreme lovers because Krispy Kreme has doughnut holes, but never before have they had mini doughnuts.

The selection of mini doughnuts to choose from include: vanilla doughnut with chocolate icing, original glazed doughnut, vanilla doughnut with strawberry icing, and the vanilla doughnut with chocolate icing and sprinkles.

The first doughnut I tried was the vanilla doughnut with chocolate icing and sprinkles. This doughnut was the most enticing to me, and it was my personal favorite. Somehow, in an inexplicable way, this doughnut tasted different from the chocolate doughnut without sprinkles. The smooth outer shell paired with the creamy dough allowed for a flavorful taste.

The next doughnut I tried was the vanilla doughnut with chocolate icing. I’m not a doughnut fanatic, but this is a doughnut that I could over and over again. This doughnut had a nice and crispy outer shell along with a fluffy inside. It had a nice chocolaty flavor without masking the original doughnut taste.

I’m not a big fan of strawberry flavored sweets, but this doughnut has to be the exception. The icing tasted like strawberry milk and a doughnut had a baby. It was nice and sweet but not in a way that was overbearing. The texture was light and airy and the sprinkles brought out the crunchy twist.

The last doughnut I tasted was the glazed doughnut. There’s not much to say about this doughnut other than the fact that it tastes just like the original. It’s the classic but with a twist… it’s size. The small size makes you feel a little better about eating mini doughnut upon doughnut.

These doughnuts were definitely worth the try, I really enjoyed the taste and spin on size. There wasn’t one doughnut that I didn’t like. I would 10/10 recommend buying these doughnuts for a little cheat day on your new “diet” for the new year.