Review: Augustine’s Cheesecakes

Augustine Cheesecakes are a whole lot of delicious in a little package.

Review: Augustines Cheesecakes

Meena Vasquez, Staff Writer

Augustine’s Cheesecakes started out as a couple creating cheesecakes for their family and friends. Now, they create mini cheesecakes for Tampa Bay to eat and enjoy. Their cheesecakes are so good and delicious, I get excited every time I buy one.

Unlike most local businesses in Tampa, Augustine’s Cheesecakes don’t exactly have one store to buy it from all the time. Instead, they reside in a little place in between Pro Kitchen Hub and Guthrie’s called The Bakery Box, right by Robinson. The Bakery Box provides businesses who can’t afford a store front, often new and independent businesses, to sell their baked goods. On their instagram, @bakeryboxpopuptampa, they post who’s vending there for the day. You can catch Augustine’s Cheesecakes every Thursday from 4pm-8pm.

The cheesecakes come in cute and small plastic packages. All the cheesecakes are super pretty and they were almost hard to eat because they’re so aesthetically appealing. I ended up ordering the chocolate cheesecake and the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake, and I spent less than 15 dollars.

Both cheesecakes had very good texture and good flavor. All of the cheesecakes have unique toppings. The chocolate cheesecake included chocolate chips and a chocolate drizzle while the white chocolate raspberry had white chocolate drizzle. The toppings on both of the cheesecakes made it more delicious and tasty.

The crust is also almost perfect. After all of the creamy part of the cheesecake, the crunchy crust complimented and gave my taste buds something new to taste.

Overall, I would rate it a solid ten out of ten. It’s much better than any cheesecake I’ve taste and is worth the money. Instead of buying from a big corporation, such as Cheesecake Factory with mediocre cheesecake consider buying from local businesses.  I also highly recommend checking out the other bakeries in the pop up, especially since there’s a large selection of baked goods for everyone of all ages to check out.