Review: Southside is irresistible

Sam Hunts new album, Southside.

Sam Hunt’s new album, Southside.

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

Sam Hunt, who had his first hit song from his album Montevallo in 2014, has only put out a couple singles since then. That’s a whole six years since he has put out a new album. He just released his newest album on April 3, and I am so glad that it was brought to my attention that he had released new music. I fell in love with this album the first time I listened to it.

The intro song for the album, “2016” reminds me of his older music. In the song, he’s regretful of letting a girl go and wishes he could go back to the year 2016 and give it back to her. The tone of this song is very sad and mellow. His voice and the way he strums the guitar beautifully blends together making you never want to stop listening to it.

“Hard To Forget,” my favorite song on the album, starts off with an old, retro country song which makes the first 15 seconds of the song intriguing. It made me wonder what the song was going to be like. When the beat then drops, with a burst of pop, its like an amazing remix of an old country song. Then Hunt starts to sing, and by then there is no way you aren’t dancing or at least head bobbing. Once you hear Hunt’s voice it just soothes your ears. The song almost sounds more pop than country, but with Hunt’s country accent and the old country song popping in and out of the entire song it has that country feeling.

Since I can remember, I’ve always listened to both country and pop, a good mixture of both. Hunt does a fantastic job of combining the two. On Spotify there is a video of Hunt describing his album Southside and the backstory of it in addition to himself. He mentioned that when he was young both country and pop were both a big part of his life. His first couple songs he released were definitely more on the pop side but he added more of a country feel in his newest album.

Another song on Hunt’s album is called “Kinfolks”. When I saw this song on this album I knew it was going to be good. I love jamming out to that song when it comes onto the radio. It’s super catchy with its cheerful rhythm. A lot of Hunt’s songs are about girls and either dating them or breaking up with them or even being broken up by them. In this song he talks about how he wants to introduce his girlfriend to his “kinfolks.”

Hunt is a very unique person that brings a different aspect of country into the world. This album was so good I want to listen to it a thousand times. The way he harmonized with the up-beat rhythms really got me in a better mood. I really love how the whole album is all threaded together. All the songs  go with one another and it tells a story. You can feel his emotion and passion, and that is what makes this album so satisfying.