Review: Selena Gomez talks relationships, again

Selena Gomez releases “Boyfriend”, a bonus song off her deluxe album.


Selena Gomez’s new song.

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

Selena Gomez has been nothing short of active the past couple of months. She has released a new album “Rare”, and a couple new songs here and there. Recently, she came out with the song “Boyfriend” and it has everyone talking. I really like this song, it gives me good vibes and I feel really empowered when I listen to it.

In this song, Gomez repeats that she wants a boyfriend, constantly explaining the reasons why she doesn’t have one. In a way, this song is shade towards all of her exes when she asks, “are there any good ones left?” The lyrics embody the constant questioning every person has been through when wondering why they’re still single. Not only does it capture that, but the lyrics also start contradicting, saying ” I keep finding wrong ones,” blaming herself for the misfortune.

Gomez has been really into electronic music lately and there’s nothing different about this new song. “Boyfriend” starts out with music that sounds like it would be played in a club. The music is actually pretty relaxing and creates a cool environment. The clapping in the background really adds to the chill aspect of the song. The music goes really well with the lyrics, allowing the song to come to life. The background music complements her voice when she sings in falsetto.

This song sort of contradicts the messages on her recent album though. In her other songs, she talks about loving herself first, but in this song, she talks about wanting a partner. I feel like this displays her humanity and freely expresses her thoughts on relationships.

I feel like Gomez was able to portray her message in a way where it’s still catchy enough for people not in the same situation to listen to it. It’s easy to listen to, catchy without being repetitive and contains a relatable message. Even if you can’t relate to the moral of the song, it’s a great tune to listen to when all you want to do is relax.