Review: Lukas Graham puts a twist on “Love Songs”

Lukas Graham is back again with a twist on love songs.


Lukas Grahams “Love Songs.”

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

Danish band Lukas Graham is responsible for the hit song “7 Years Old” and they’re back with another hit. They’ve been a little off the grid lately but recently released a new single that skews your perspective on relationships with a new concept of a love song. I love this song because it puts a twist on classic love songs and goes against the standards of a modern-day romantic musical tribute. It’s a great representation of getting over someone that wasn’t right for you.

This song definitely trumped my expectations. I expected the song to be really slow and somber but it turned out to be fast-paced and kinda of peppy. With a song titled “Love Songs,” you would think that this is a song that would be about love—duh—but it’s the complete opposite. The song expresses the feeling of a nasty relationship that is centered around one person. That’s what makes this song so great, it’s relatable to a lot of people.

There’s a playful tone that’s very apparent in the song which complies perfectly with the lyrics. The irony in the song is that this girl is so selfish that she thinks everything written in love songs is about her and she doesn’t realize her flaws actually make her unlikable. I like this song because it points out the flaws in this girl and expresses that relationships should always have two sides instead of one.

The background music is what really makes this song stand out. I haven’t really heard anything like it and the way his voice can go between different octaves to fit with the tone is pleasing to hear. They use a lot of drums and whistling along with lots of electric sounds. What really made the song stand out to me was the whistling because you don’t hear that in songs these days. The whistling creates an uplifting tone and releases the tension in the lyrics, which I love.

“Love Songs” is perfect for the people that think everything is about them and seem to be their own biggest fan. I know if I heard this song, and it was directed at me, I’d fix myself right away. Even if you can’t relate to this song, it’s a great song to jam out to in the car when you just want to bask in good vibes.