The best places to get face masks


Photo Courtesy Hazel + Dot

An example of the cotton face masks sold by Hazel + Dot.

Amelia Foster, Print Managing Editor

As the sixth month mark of the pandemic hits, it’s easy to get tired of wearing masks, even as you’re still required to. Here are some places you can get cool masks to try and switch things up.


Etsy has a mask for everyone. You can search by your favorite style of mask, or by the material you want it made out of. It can come embroidered, or it can be knitted with a cloth backing and filter. You can look for plain ones, or uniquely designed ones from your favorite artist.

Your favorite media

It may be easy to find merchandise for your favorite band or artist on Etsy or Redbubble, but there’s nothing like the real thing. Since the start of the pandemic, some artists have been selling their official masks as part of merchandise on their websites. If you’re more into podcasts, a lot of popular podcasts are selling themed masks on their websites too.

Hazel + Dot

Hazel + Dot is a local shop, but they also take orders online. The masks are 100 percent cotton and handmade, meaning that the you won’t know the pattern you get until it arrives—unless you pick it out in-store. There are unisex and gendered options, and contain a pliable wire in the nose for optimal fit.


One of the unique things about Zazzle is that in addition to having masks with established designs, there’s an option to make a completely customizable one. All you have to do is choose a style, customize an existing design, or upload your own picture, and proceed to checkout. Right now, they also have a Halloween-themed section to get in the festive mood.

The Wake Up & Fight Mask

These masks may be a bit pricey at 22 dollars each, but for each mask you buy, this brand donates one to healthcare workers and others in need. It’s one size fits most, and comes in six different colors. Additionally, you can buy a mixed-color three pack for 45 dollars, reducing the price to 15 dollars a mask. So far, this brand has donated over 300 thousand masks.