Review: Moonlight’s Ice Cream Emporium is out of this world

Moonlight’s Ice Cream Emporium serves Tampa Bay astronomically delicious ice cream.


Meena Vasquez, A&E Editor

The Bakery Box pop-up is my favorite place ever, it’s a hidden gem of Tampa filled with local businesses selling delicious sweets. This time I hit the jackpot stopping by Moonlight’s Ice Cream Emporium.

Every Sunday at the Bakery Box pop-up, Moonlight’s Ice Cream Emporium serves their delicious pints of ice cream. It’s the one day that I think everyone should go to the Bakery Box Pop-up, just to try this ice cream. While many vendors there sell their homemade bundles of goodness, Moonlight’s Ice Cream is one of the best.

I tried two of the three flavors they had available: caramel coffee with brownie chunks and cake batter cookies and cream. When I tried the caramel coffee with brownie chunks….my mouth dropped. This flavor is an even better version than Coldstone’s Coffee Lovers Only. The ice cream was at a perfect softness to eat, so I had no trouble enjoying the tasty scoops. The caramel was already so prominent in the flavor, but combining it with the coffee made it even more tasty.

Cake batter cookies and cream was a spin on the classic cookies and cream. While the classic cookies and cream tastes like a standard Oreo cookie, the combination with cake batter resulted in more creamier, birthday cake-like creation. Every bite of this concoction was better than the last, adding more cookies in each spoonful.

Even besides the ice cream, the packaging and the logo is whimsical and cool. I loved the space theme they had on all of their ice cream cups. Their motto is “Stay Wild, Moon Child” and it’s such a cute and on-brand catch phrase.

Overall, the two flavors was enough for me to convince my mom to buy at least another cup of the scrumptious ice cream. Now, every Sunday I at least ask my mom to stop by and buy a scoop of the tasty Moonlight’s Ice Cream Emporium.