RHSToday in Fashion: Keeping it casual

eLearning sparks a more casual style in students who’ve previously dressed up


Photo Courtesy Shayla McIntyre

McIntyre’s more casual and relaxed outfit.

Jennifer Le, Online Managing Editor

Name: Shayla McIntyre

Shayla McIntyre is an IB sophomore who is doing eLearning. She was in a couple of clubs last year and played for Robinson’s girls basketball team. McIntyre used to dress pretty basic and colorful for school, usually wearing jeans and a cute top or colorful jumpsuits and chunky white Filas. This put-together style has changed now that McIntyre’s sticking to eLearning and she’s toned down the effort.


How has quarantine and eLearning affected the way you dress for school?

“It helped me try not to care what people think regarding what I wear and get out of my comfort zone with clothing.”

What is your favorite part about not having to dress up as much for school?

“I actually kind of miss ‘dressing up’ but probably what I like the best is how easy it is, I can just roll out of bed and be ready for the day in an instant!”

How does this outfit compare to your usual style before COVID-19?

“This outfit is a lot more comfy and casual than some of my outfits before COVID. I would say I’m used to dressing up a little more than this.”

Why did you choose this outfit?

“I chose this outfit because it’s definitely something I wear pretty often now. I love how comfortable and relaxed everything is!”

What’s your favorite part of the outfit?

“Probably my shirt because it was cheap, has a colorful design and I love oversized shirts.”

Does your style as an eLearner affect the way you feel during school hours?

“I would say kind of because since I wear what I normally sleep in, I always feel like I can just go back in bed but I obviously can’t.”

Is there anything you would change about the way you dress for school now?

“Probably not, I like how comfortable everything I wear as an eLearner now is.”

McIntyre sports a dark gray graphic tee that reads “NIRVANA” in a colorful print. (Photo S. McIntyre)

About the outfit:

The shirt: McIntyre is wearing a dark gray oversized graphic tee from Target with a colorful print that reads “NIRVANA” above a green and blue ombre smiley face. The shirt overall is very simplistic and basic and the “oversized” style emphasizes the more laid back style McIntyre is aiming for while learning at home. The bright colors stand out against the dark gray of the shirt and stimulate a happier vibe, which makes sense considering it says Nirvana in all caps.

The shorts: McIntyre pairs her “NIRVANA” shirt with a pair of black Nike shorts from Target. They have white accents around the hem as well as a small Nike swoosh on the left leg. While in most cases, wearing Nike shorts is more athletic, but this pairing makes it more casual and simple, helping the print of her tee stand out a bit more. The more fitted shorts also contrasts with the oversized shirt, balancing out the bagginess in her outfit and making her look a little more put-together.