Review: Cuties is not cute

Cuties is worse than I thought.


Photo Netflix

The movie poster for Cuties, showing young girls dressed in inappropriate outfits.

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer

Recently, there’s been a lot of debate everywhere about the movie Cuties, so I had to see for myself if it was as bad as people were portraying it and it was pretty horrible. The French movie is flashy, inappropriate and not for kids whatsoever.

The basis of the movie is that the main character Amy is at a brand new school and notices these popular girls Yasmine, Coumba, Angelica and Jess, also known as the “Cuties.” They are troublemakers known for their dancing and popularity. Amy is drawn to them, wanting to do what they do and be in the group. She gets made fun of and bullied by them until she meets Angelica. Angelica introduces Amy to the group, and she realizes that they dance for competitions.

Cuties was hard for me to watch, seeing these little girls twerking with hardly any clothes on and with heels, short shorts, makeup and tight crop tops. These girls are 11 years old in the movie and in real life their ages range from 12-14 ,which doesn’t make it any better.

During the movie, Amy steals a guy’s phone to post photos and keep up with everything happening and at one point the guy later realizes that she stole it. She fights with him to get it back and when he does grab it, she realizes that she’s not getting it back, so she starts taking off her clothes and seducing him. He pushes and yells at her while she takes the phone back, running into the bathroom to take inappropriate pictures of herself.

Not only that but the camera angles are horrendous. The cameraman gets close-ups of everything, especially when the girls are dancing so it’s right in my face. Most of the dance moves are inappropriate and sickening. For example, when the Cuties were dancing, there was one quick move where they spread their legs out and touch themselves. While I was watching the movie I had to cover my phone a lot because it was so revealing.

These are 11-year-old girls! This generation is pretty bad, especially with kids who are easily influenced by the use of and access to technology, and releasing this movie doesn’t make it any better.

The girls in the movie are troublemakers and do whatever they want whenever they want because they think they’re grown and older than they are. In one scene, they’re all hanging out in the woods and Coumba walks off and finds a condom on the ground. The girls still not paying attention, Coumba blows it up like a balloon. They see it and tell her that it’s a condom and that she can get AIDS and catch diseases. The movie is such a bad influence. Kids already knowing what sex and condoms are at 11 is so sad.

There have been lots of opinions about the movie. Some think that it’s inappropriate and sexualizes girls, while some think that it’s cute and kids are just expressing themselves. People are even going so far as in voting to get it taken it down.

When I was younger, I remember the little kid shows and movies like Teen Beach Movie, Home Alone, High School Musical and Camp Rock, that I used to watch. Just to see how things have come so far and seeing how things have dramatically changed—some good and some not so good—is crazy. Cuties is disappointing and sad, knowing how children nowadays’ childhood is influenced. Netflix needs to do something about it and they need to do better.