Review: Hubie Halloween is a sweet treat

Hubie Halloween is hilarious


Photo Netflix

The promotional poster for Netflix’s newest original film, “Hubie Halloween.”

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer

Hubie Halloween, starring Adam Sandler, just released on Netflix Oct. 7. Familiar faces including China Anne McClain, Peyton List, Karan Brar, Shaquille O’Neal and Noah Schnapp star in the movie as well. Hubie Halloween is very entertaining and hilarious for a kids’ movie.

Hubert Shubert Dubois, also known as Hubie Dubois, is the scaredy-cat who protects the people and citizens of Salem every Halloween. Mr. and Mrs. Hennessey, Mr. Landolfa and Michael, who are popular in town, always try to bring Hubie down and frighten him all the time. They always thought of him as a loser and someone with no life.

This particular Halloween was different. It starts off with Michael, Mr. and Mrs. Hennessey and Mr. Landolfa making fun of Hubie and trying to frighten him as usual. They go missing and Hubie undergoes obstacles to save them. He discovers that his mom is the one who kidnaps them and attempts to set them on fire. Hubie stops her and later picks up that she’s a witch and she shortly disappears.

The movie is really funny and Adam Sandler was the perfect person to pick as lead Hubie Dubois. He has a funny voice and face that reminds me of the classic movie “Water Boy,” which he also starred in. 

There’s a part in the movie that made me laugh really hard where Hubie goes through a haunted house to seek werewolf Walter Lambert. Walter Lambert is an escaped prisoner from a werewolf rehab facility and is Hubie’s new next-door neighbor. He walks through the haunted house screaming and crying for his mom because anything that touched or jumped at him made him scream.

Hubie always had a crush on Violet Valentine since 2nd grade; she was the prettiest and most popular girl in high school. Over time, he tells her how he feels in which she does the same thing. There were classic romantic scenes where they’re about to kiss but something stops them and they both beat around the bush to tell the other person how they feel. In the end, they do end up being together and date over a span of one year.

Tommy, who is Violet Valentine’s son gets invited to a house party and the duration he’s in there the camera pans around the room and there’s a catchy song playing called “Dancing with the devil.” It’s sung and performed by high school kids and the way they performed the song made me laugh and enjoy the movie even more.

Throughout the movie, there’s a character that goes by Aurora, who narrates a little bit about what’s going on during the movie and is a radio show host. Hubie is looking for everyone and ends up at the radio station. My favorite part is when he walks through the door and you see Shaq as Aurora. He’s talking in her voice and he’s giggling like a girl, which I loved a lot because I wasn’t expecting it and it was a small humorous scene, especially since Aurora was implied to be a woman.

The movie is very cartoonish. For example, Hubie always carries around a thermos for soup. The thermos helps him numerous times because it is also an umbrella, shovel, vacuum, drill, flashlight, inhaler, speaker and a grappling hook. This sort of confused me, but I still enjoyed it. Another example is Hubie riding his bike as transportation, and there were two scenes where random objects were being thrown at him at random times where no one was around. But, he dodged every single object even if it was thrown behind him, as if he had eyes in the back of his head.

After the credits of the movie,  Adam Sandler paid a tribute to Cameron Boyce, which was really sweet and I truly appreciated it.

Overall, this movie is a 7/10. It’s perfect for brothers, sisters and family to watch together. The movie is absolutely hilarious and keeps the audience engaged. It’s very cartoonish and has parts that make me scratch my head, but it’s flawless as a family night on Halloween.