Adding the fall aesthetic to your outfits in warm weather

How to participate in fall fashion trends when you live in Florida

Olivia Godinez, Opinion Editor

Unpopular opinion: The weather in Florida sucks. Out of every year, we get about two weeks of 60-degree weather before going back to blazing heat and 90 percent humidity. If you’re anything like me, the “colder months” are your favorite for the simple pleasures of wearing sweaters. Unfortunately, being a fall fashion icon can be difficult in Florida, seeing that you can’t follow many of the fall/winter fashion trends. Don’t worry, though. I’m here to show you how to get the most out of your fashion during the fall and winter months.


Anyone can tell you that layers are an important part of any outfit, especially during a time of year where the weather is fluctuating. In Florida, though – or really anywhere that the weather is mostly hot – you don’t want your layers to be too heavy. Layering long dresses, tank tops, or light jackets over a simple t-shirt can have more of an impact than you might think.


When it comes to the fall aesthetic in Florida, the best way to go about it is with colors. Wearing traditional fall colors with your outfits will help envelope you in that fall feeling. The best colors to wear are orange, black, dark purple, mauve, browns and neutral earth tones.


This is another good way to bring your fall fashion game up. Heavier textures like corduroy and velvet will make your outfit pop a little bit more. Knitted sweaters are always fun, but trade them out for a knit tank top or even socks if you’re wearing a skirt or dress. Remember, heavier fabrics get hotter, so instead of long pants wear shorts or a skirt, or a short sleeve.

Statement Pieces

The biggest thing you can do to make your outfits fit the fall aesthetic in Florida is to mix in statement pieces. Trade out turtlenecks for a cropped or short-sleeved mock neck. If you’re not one to wear skirts and dresses, trade those out for light and breezy trousers and maybe a light blazer or cardigan. Boots are a good way to make your outfit stand out and still have that fall feeling to your outfits.