Disclaimers for Megan is Missing

A “trend” not worth trying

A still from 2011s Megan is Missing, which has gained immense popularity through TikTok recently.

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A still from 2011’s Megan is Missing, which has gained immense popularity through TikTok recently.

Pim Kruthun, Staff Writer

The latest internet craze at the moment seems to be the 2011 film, Megan is Missing, that has gone viral again. It is still pulling in new viewers in 2020 after many teens posted their reviews and reactions on the app TikTok.

Rumor has it, that it is scary, traumatizing and realistic – and the rumors are true. The film is in the style of vlog recordings from phones, computers and camcorders. The story follows two best friends that go missing after talking to what seemed to be an attractive boy online, leading to their kidnapping and a twisted storyline.

The synopsis you just read is only the tip of the iceberg, and if you plan on watching it, think again. The scenes are realistic and detailed, and you should not, I repeat, should not watch the film, if you are sensitive.

Not even the biggest horror fanatic will encourage you to watch it because it is just borderline gruesome. The themes in the movie are terrible and can be triggering, and despite having no jumpscares, the film relies on the psychological interpretations from the viewers, making the film so disturbing and even traumatizing because it looks so real. Director Michael Goi even advises not to watch the film alone or at night.

After all that, for whatever reason you still decide to watch the film, keep in mind that Megan is Missing is not based on a specific story, but it is based on the true events of child abduction, sexual abuse and exploitations that occur in our society. It’s a low budget film with terrible acting, and in itself not “scary” in the same way as traditional horror films, it is just downright sick.

TRIGGER WARNING; the last 20 minutes of the film are the most unsettling, with a violent sex scene and a deceased body, watch at your own risk.

Even with the disturbing nature of the film, it brings up an important conversation about the harsh realities of the world and reminds us to stay safe, especially in this day and age of technology, that can easily manipulated. Watch the film or not, the film is a reenactment of reality, it is important to stay proactive in our daily lives and use the internet with a wise mindset.