Knight Writers Holiday Playlist

Knight Writers created a holiday playlist


Photo Ella Wertz

A festive playlist cover for “A Knight Writers Christmas.”

Ella Wertz, News and Features Editor

With Christmas and other holidays around the corner, Knight Writers has compiled a list of our favorite holiday songs get into the seasonal spirit. No matter what holiday you celebrate, Knight Writers hopes that this playlist gets you into the festive spirit.

A few members of the staff shared their favorite holiday hits:

Editor-in-Chief Anna Woodward added “Skating” and “Christmas Time is Here” from the “A Charlie Brown Christmas” soundtrack to the playlist.

“My family has so many Peanuts-themed holiday decorations and it’s always a tradition to listen to the score as we decorate the tree and watch the special around the holidays,” Woodward said.

Staff Writer Zoe Thaxton selected “Jingle Bell Rock” to add to the playlist.

“‘Jingle Bell Rock’ fills me with nostalgia about Christmas morning and the afternoons I spent at my grandma’s with my cousins/other family members as we open presents,” Thaxton said.

Online Managing Editor Jenny Le’s favorite holiday song is “Christmas Song” by Phoebe Bridgers.

“It’s sad and I don’t know who told Bridgers it’s okay to make a sad Christmas album, because it’s not, but it reflects the tone of this holiday season,” Le said.

A&E Editor Meena Vasquez made sure to put “I am the Grinch” by Tyler the Creator into the playlist because “it’s a pretty unique Christmas song and it’s [her] favorite artist.”

Journalism Adviser Joanie Oben, shared that her favorite holiday hit is “Winter Wonderland” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. Oben favorites this song and every song on their album Once upon a Christmas for many reasons.

“My mom loves this song. [It] makes me think of my childhood,” Oben said. “When we were kids, she would alway play this in the car or in the house and we would all dance and sing along. Anything on this album is great and perfect for Christmas festivities.”

Listen to it here: