Meet’n’Eat: Token Ramen isn’t “good ramen”

I never thought ramen tasted so bad!

The Spicy Curry Ramen from Token Ramen.

Photo Sarai Cochran

The Spicy Curry Ramen from Token Ramen.

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer

Every time I get on and off the interstate I always see the restaurant “Token Ramen” and I’ve always wanted to try it. Sometimes I would see long lines and sometimes there would be only a handful of people so I figured it was a pretty decent place to eat at—or so I thought.

Token Ramen & Kung Fu tea has a mighty 4-star review on Yelp and 161 reviews. They’re very popular for their Boba tea and ramen soups.

When you get to the place it’s quite easy to see. The building is very modern and has orange and white doodle designs outside. When you get inside it’s small with not that much space. There are also black and white designs inside. If they were to have a busy day it would get packed pretty fast. They only have high tops, low tops, and like 1 booth so that was a bit of a downfall for me because I like to sit into booths.

I personally love ramen and noodle dishes. I asked what was the most popular ramen dish they have and they said the Spicy Curry Ramen so I decided to order that with Honey lemonade.

The Spicy Curry Ramen is a spicy sesame curry-based broth with pulled pork chashu, seasoned egg, scallion, bean sprouts, bamboo, Kikurage, corn/extra spicy and wavy noodles.

I got my food separate from the broth and the broth didn’t look right, so I had to mix it up a bit. I took two bites of my food and immediately regretted what was being put in my mouth. The ramen was so unpleasing and nasty.

I tried it with the curry to make it better but I just couldn’t physically eat my food anymore because it was so bad. The texture and flavor of the ramen was just revolting. They told me that Spicy Curry Ramen was one out of the two most popular ramen dishes there; imagine if I got something that wasn’t as popular.

They have a lot of other dishes and entrees there as well. They serve appetizers like fried calamari, fried shrimp and Ninja chicken nuggets. Some of the entrees they have are Spicy Curry Ramen, Miso Tonkotu, Vegetable Ramen and Black Garlic Ramen: a signature-based broth with Pork Chashu, Seasoned Egg, Scallion, bean sprouts, nori Seaweed, Bamboo, Kikurage and straight noodles.

They opened in August of 2020 so they haven’t been up for a full year yet. Their food is definitely different from any other places I’ve tried. They’re popular in the area as well, so they get a lot of attention and people. Additionally, there isn’t many Japanese restaurants around here so they picked a good spot for their business.

Overall, I give this place a 1/10. The only thing that was good there was the Honey Lemonade. The price was definitely not how the food should’ve tasted either. I don’t recommend eating there at all but if you must, I certainly don’t advise you to get the Spicy Curry Ramen.