Meet’n’Eat: Kombo Kitchen is still revolting

They still don’t deserve 5 stars.

An updated photo of Kombo Kitchen, taken from the outside.

Photo Sarai Cochran

An updated photo of Kombo Kitchen, taken from the outside.

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer

I recently decided to visit Kombo Kitchen again to give them another chance. I went back to the reviews and ratings and thought that I might’ve missed something and just got a meal that I didn’t like compared to the many others.

They haven’t changed one bit. The food still made me sick to my stomach to the point where I couldn’t eat another bite, this time was worse than the last time I went.

The last time I reviewed Kombo Kitchen,  there was a comment saying “you obviously didn’t know what to order. Kombo Kitchen still 5 stars.” I say that Kombo Kitchen deserves no stars and is one of the nastiest places I’ve ever tried. I obviously did know what to order because both dishes I tried were one of the most popular dishes there.

However, they have changed their appearance a bit more. Last time I went it was just very plain and boring-looking and not attractive at all, but when I came back they have really stepped up their appearance. They have a fence enclosing the truck, except there’s an opening on the side that also has little steps leading up to it. They have flowers, plants and an open sign to make themselves known and stand out as well.

Seeing them upgrade the way they present themselves made me think they’d do the same thing for their food, but instead downgraded even more than they did when I went a few months ago Thai food is one of my favorite dishes to eat and they still find a way to make it so unsatisfactory.

Previously at Kombo Kitchen, I ordered their Beef Bowl Noodle dish, which is a broth-based dish with rice noodles, sliced beef, balls of beef and bean sprouts which was just all around disgusting. The Beef Bowl Noodle meal was extremely bland, and the beef balls was probably the worse part. They were soaked in the broth and the smell and taste was pretty gross.

Other than noodles, I love Thai rice-based dishes, so I decided to order their Amazing Thai spicy with beef and a vegetable eggroll. It’s a jasmine rice dish with house peanut sauce and steaming broccoli. When you order a rice dish, you have the choice of getting: chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, or tofu. I chose beef for my order.

They give you the rice separate from the food in a bowl container. When I opened the container with the food, there was an awful lingering smell. I couldn’t just judge them by their smell, so I took a bite and the food tasted just like the smell. I took one bite of my food and wanted to throw up. The eggroll was pretty good, however they didn’t give me the Wonton chips like they did last time–I was a little disappointed because I was kind of hoping they would because the chips were really good last time.

I tried to give Kombo Kitchen the benefit of the doubt and I was right once again about them. Their food is still awful and vile and it seems like they won’t ever change the way the make and serve their food. I gave them a 2/10 last time and one of the reasons is because I know that they were just starting out and I know that they were learning and figuring out what people liked. However, after going back again they get a fat 0/10. Without hesitation, I can strongly say that Kombo Kitchen is a place you wouldn’t want to spend your money.