Valentine’s Day movie guide

Knight Writers has created a list of movies to accompany you this Valentine’s Day.

Ella Wertz, News and Features Editor

With the four day weekend and Valentine’s Day festivities approaching, Knight Writers compiled a list of movies for any Valentine’s Day occasion. Whether you are spending the holiday with your friends, your significant other, or by yourself, we have a film for you.

For Friends:

If you are spending this special day with your girl friends or co-ed friend group this is the list for you. Knight Writers picked five more light-hearted and comedy center films that bring the focus of the holiday away from romance and gushy love.

For Yourself:

Knight Writers thought spending Valentine’s Day on your own would be the perfect time for a tragically sad love story. These movies produce some great cries and allow you to wallow in self pity if needed.

For Couples:

This curated list of films is intended to recreate the romantic feeling you have towards your significant other. These movies aren’t too sad to keep spirits high on this special holiday.

However you spend your Valentine’s Day, KnightWriters hope there is a movie for you on our list. Feel free to select from any category – your relationship status should not be the only determining factor in picking your movie of choice.