Breakup VS. love playlists for Valentine’s Day


Zoe Thaxton, Staff Writer

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, which could mean multiple things. One, you’re spending the day with your significant other. Two, you’re spending it alone. No matter how you spend the day, there’s a music playlist for you to listen to. Below are two playlists of love and heartbreak created by Staff Writer Zoe Thaxton and Opinion Editor Olivia Godinez, with their reasons behind why they chose to do that playlist.

Why I chose a love playlist:

“There’s just something about love songs that makes my heart skip and smile. Whether it’s the beat of the song or the lyrics behind them, it truly can make anyone feel as if they’re in a beautiful relationship,” – Thaxton.

Why I chose a breakup playlist:

“Everyone gets their heart broken at some point–having a good playlist to listen to while you go through it is the best way to cope. The breakup playlist chronicles the stages of a breakup, all the way from heartbreak to being better on your own. Listen straight through to hear the process, or mix it up with shuffle,” – Godinez.