Meet’n’Eat: Blown away by Tate’s Pizzeria

I had a good feeling about this place.


Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer

I was recommended to try Tate’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria by my brother who works for DoorDash. I’ve always passed by it, but never thought it was a restaurant based on how it looked and how empty it is sometimes.

When I drive by Tate’s, the building doesn’t look like a pizza restaurant. There’s a big rusty sign outside, but when you get a little closer there are checkered seats and tables outside. There are also some plants here and there so the building stands out a bit.

The front counter is right when you walk in and you’ll see two to three fish tanks. I loved this because places with fish and underwater animals just make me feel calm and welcomed. There are two big rooms; the room to the right seemed like a bar and hangout room. There are TVs and booths so people can watch the game and drink. To the left, there’s another room, except it’s a dining room where people mainly eat and talk.

I decided to order the “Big Daddy Pizza” and “Parmie Puffs” with pink lemonade. The “Big Daddy Pizza” has sausage, pepperoni, meatball, mushroom, green pepper and onions topped on it and the “Parmie Puffs” are their famous homemade breadsticks tossed in garlic butter and Pecorino Romano cheese, served with tomato sauce for dipping.

The food was outstanding. There was so much food, so to start I decided to try the “Parmie Puffs” first. They were so fluffy and chewy, I’ve never had anything as good as that. I couldn’t stop eating them because they were so delicious. They come with sauce, but I didn’t even bother dipping it in the sauce because they were perfect by themselves.

The pizza on the other hand tasted so good and authentic. There was a variety of meats on it and it surprisingly wasn’t overpowering. The peppers and onions made it so much better and I didn’t get tired of it. I was speechless when I tried the food.

Their creative menu was definitely one of the things that interested me in trying their food. They have so many clever names for their food. For example, the appetizers were named Parmie Puffs, Buffalo Chicken Tenders and Bada Bing Shrimp. Something that I thought was nice was how their kids meals had different varieties.  Instead of the typical kids meal like chicken tenders and mac and cheese, they have kids spaghetti, lasagna and a Pita Pizza.

They also have lots of food to choose from that I never thought they had. Such as pasta, wings, calzones, cold and hot subs, hand pattied burgers and of course entrées.

When I arrived at Tate’s I didn’t want to get my hopes up after trying lots of gross places lately, but I definitely underestimated Tate’s. I give this place a 10/10. Their food did not disappoint me at all and I without a doubt recommend going there. I certainly will be coming back very soon.


Address:3342 S West Shore Blvd, Tampa, FL 33629

Hours: 12 P.M. to 9 P.M Sunday, 11 A.M. to 1o P.M. Monday — Thursday , 11 P.M to 11 P.M. Friday — Saturday