Quiz: Which “From the Vault” release from Taylor Swift’s Fearless album are you?

Take this quiz to discover which “From the Vault” release from Swift’s re-recorded Fearless album you are.

Ella Wertz, News and Features Editor

Singer Songwriter Taylor Swift recently released a re-recorded version of her 2008 album Fearless. In addition to all of the songs, including the variations that were released on her 2009 Fearless: Platinum Edition, Swift released six never-heard-before songs “From the Vault.”

These six songs were written by Swift during the Fearless era, but unfortunately didn’t make the cut for Fearless’s first release.

The “From the Vault” songs include: “You All Over Me,” “Mr. Perfectly Fine,” “We Were Happy,” “That’s When,” “Don’t You” and “Bye Bye Baby.” The Knight Writers staff has composed a quiz that will tell you which “From the Vault” release you are.