RHSToday in Fashion: Maul-lificent style

While some students keep it plain and comfy for the school year, Avianys caught our attention with her mall-goth esque outfits

Meena Vasquez, A&E Editor

Even in an unbearably hot and humid state like Florida, Avianys Mojica (’22) manages to pull a layered and gothic outfit for every day at school.  Mojica’s outfits look straight out from a mall goth Pinterest board, turning heads at Robinson with her fashionable Demonia boots.


Avianys Mojica’s (’22) freakishly fabulous outfit. (Photo Meena Vasquez)

Where do you shop?

“I mostly thrift. To be honest, I go to Sunshine Thrift Store. For my shoes, I’ll go to Dollskill or the Demonia’s websites. I get other accessories [from] there [too].”

What’s your inspiration for your fashion? 

“I don’t really have an inspiration. I just randomly one day wanted to change my style after moving schools a few times. My style’s different, it’s odd, but I like it. It makes people stare, and I think [that’s] funny.”

How would you describe your style?

“Usually dark. Dark, lot of layers, really in your face.”

How did you start dressing like it?

“It started over quarantine. I wanted to dye my hair red [at first], and then I started to get more into darker clothes and doing my makeup darker, wearing more eyeliner and stuff like that.”

What’s your favorite thing about this outfit?

“My shoes. I always love my shoes.”

How do you plan your outfits for the day/week?

“I kind of brainstorm in the morning. I’ll see things that I have, and I’m like ‘oh, I’ll put that together today.’ Sometimes I look up inspo [inspiration] pictures on Instagram, but that’s usually it.”

What are some staple items for your wardrobe?

“I have to say skirts and black tops.”

About the Outfit:

The shirt: Mojica picks a simple black cross wrap top with a v-neck cut. It’s a staple item that goes perfectly with the skirt and platform boots. While the top is a muted piece, it allows the boots and ripped tights to stand out even more.

The skirt: The white and grey gingham skirt adds a contrasting color: white. While Mojica’s outfit consisted mostly of black, the white skirt draws attention to the bottom half of her outfit, leading the eyes to the main part, the shoes. The white skirt not only contrasts, but also highlights the black pieces of the outfit, preventing each item from blending into one another.

The shoes: The main focal point of Mojicay’s outfit is the black chunky Demonias, paired with ripped tights. This establishes the edgy tone for the whole outfit, the boots allow to tie in the goth and edgy feel that Mojicay’s style radiates throughout Robinson.