Meet’n’Eat: The Cake Drip brings cake to life

You’ll never find a place like The Cake Drip

Sarai Cochran, Staff Writer

Now open in Hyde Park, The Cake Drip brings delicious treats to Tampa Bay that I’ve never seen before. They serve things from chocolate bars to your own DIY cake.

When you first arrive at The Cake Drip, you’re immediately drawn to the building. There are chairs outside with fake plants in the middle of it and there’s a small kiosk outside to order what you want. But when you walk inside, it’s like walking into another world.

It’s so colorful and bright inside that it just makes you happy and excited. There’s a runway when you walk in and you’re led straight to a podium. The room is engulfed in flowers; there are flowers running up the wall and on the ceiling. The flowers also cover multiple fake bird cages in the ceilings and light bulbs.

They have lit-up kissy-face signs and a lit-up sign that says “you’re like really pretty.” There’s a bathtub filled with pink plastic balls and there are tiny mirrors at every table. The place is pretty small but they set it up so well that it didn’t seem crowded. They’re not overdoing the decoration at all and I love the vibes they bring in there—everything goes together and they have a theme they stick to.

Unfortunately, you can’t sit inside or walk around unless you’ve made a reservation for a DIY cake, which is where you pick the cake you want and get to decorate it as you like, so if you’re just ordering from the kiosk you have to wait outside and there are only a few chairs.

There a lot of things to choose from on their menu. The Create Your Chocolate Bar, Cakedrip Cup and Macaroons are their most popular treats. If you were to order the Create Your Chocolate Bar you’d choose one out of many chocolates then choose one to three toppings to add inside the chocolate bar. Other than the popular items, they have Popcorn, Treat Boxes, Chocolate Drizzled Nuts and DIY cake. I decided to get the Cakedrip Cup which is just cake layered in a cup. When you order the Cakedrip Cup you get to choose up to three toppings. There are loads of toppings to choose from so there’s never something you’d not like. I ordered Oreo pieces, pink sprinkles and marshmallows.

The wait was only three minutes so it was really quick. The cake was average but the toppings make the cake stand out so it’s not so bland. It comes in a cup and you get a wooden spoon. It was different; it was delicious. The cake was like any average cake, the only thing they made a twist on was the toppings, which made it stand out. The frosting was really sweet but not overpowering.

The only thing that I didn’t like was how messy it can get. The wooden spoon makes it hard to eat.

I’d definitely go again. The Cake Drip is a good place to go with friends to make a cake with or as a unique birthday present I recommend this place to anyone with a sweet tooth and the experience is the cherry on top.

If you go:

Address: 1625 W Snow Circle, Tampa FL 33606

Hours: closed Mondays

4 p.m. – 9 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday

11 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. Friday-Saturday

12 p.m. – 7 p.m. Sunday