Lorde comes back with a bang in “Solar Power”

New Zealand singer and songwriter, Lorde, returns with Solar Power after vanishing for four years.


Photo Lorde Official Website

The cover art for Lorde’s long awaited third album, Solar power.

Cecilia Cheng, Staff Writer

If you’ve listened to Lorde, you know that she is the queen of alternative pop. She first rose to fame when she was just 16 years old, after releasing her debut single, “Royals.” With her unique voice and exceptional songwriting skills, she has won two Grammys and has even made it to number one on the U.S. Billboard 100. But she suddenly disappeared from the world after her Melodrama world tour. She deleted everything off of her social media and no one has heard of her since. But four years later, Lorde has come back with a new and more upbeat perspective on things.

The single, “Solar Power”, first came out on Jun. 10., to a surprise for the whole world. Unlike “Pure Heroine” and “Melodrama”, her other two albums, this single illustrated sunshine and rainbows. Solar Power was more optimistic and cheerful, which was Lorde’s way of saying she’s finally back after being hidden in the dark for so long. Having to have been a fan of her for so long, I was actually glad to finally see her so happy and carefree. But this song has also created controversy. Many fans were disappointed with this album. Even though everyone was still glad that she came out with something, it was VERY different from her usual style.

On Aug. 20., I stayed up until midnight, after only getting two hours of sleep the previous day, waiting excitingly as I sat there refreshing my Spotify page. And to me, every second of it was worth it. After listening to the whole album, a few songs really stood out to me.

“Stoned at the Nail Salon” was slower, sadder and more like her previous releases. The lyrics represented how it feels to get older. “Cause all of the music you love at 16 you grow out off.” Life gets more complicated and you start to have an insane amount of pressure put on you. You feel like you are trapped in a room without an exit and that you are running out of air. And there is no way to escape this. Well, this was Lorde’s way of expressing herself and escaping that room. What I love about her music is her raw and meaningful writing style. She truly knows what it feels like to be a teenager under a constant amount of stress; I mean her first album came out when she was just 16 years old.

“Mood Ring” was also really significant to me, as this song focused on taking care of your mental and physical health. I feel like this is a very serious topic that she has covered because now that school has started, we can all feel our mental and emotional health decreasing drastically. The theme of the song was very calming, as it revolved around mediation. Her lyrics focused on how things change and that you have to adapt to them. Adaptation can be hard for some of us, I mean nobody likes change. Listening to this reminded me of the number of times I’ve changed school and how hard it was to make friends. “I just have to breathe.” I think that’s a reminder for us all to take a break and to escape from reality.

My favorite song from the entire album was definitely “Secrets from A Girl (Who’s Seen it All)”. The chords to this song really caught my attention and the meaning of this song stuck with me. This song was Lorde talking back to her 15-year-old self, telling her that everyone will be okay. I think as teenagers today, we all need that reassurance in life. We can all be living our best lives one day and the next, everything seems to be falling apart. Just look back at 2o2o, the pandemic happened out of nowhere and changed so many of our lives. If you were like me, I was stuck in my room for months and didn’t know what to do with my life half of the time.

Overall, I would rate this album a solid 8/10. Although it wasn’t my personal favorite, it did teach me plenty. Lorde has certainly come back with a bam. You can clearly see her personal growth and how much she has changed as a person since 2013. I mean I was only eight when I first heard “Royals” on the radio. I think we both matured in a good way since then.