Review: Sweet Girl – A heartbreaking movie with a strong sense of justice

This movie checks all of the boxes of a great action-adventure film.


Photo Netflix

A still from the movie “Sweet Girl” starring Jason Momoa

Christian Dingle, Staff writer

The new Netflix hit movie “Sweet Girl” starring Jason Momoa has been on top of the charts and has received love from many fans. A tragic, yet inspiring action film that focuses on taking a political stand against corrupt corporations. This movie brings out a strong sense of justice, in which I’m sure you’ll be on the edge of your seat rooting for the main characters the whole entire time.

After losing his wife to cancer, Ray Cooper, played by Momoa, and his daughter Rachel Cooper, played by Isabela Merced, go on a pursuit to take revenge against the supposed “murderer” of their wife. A new generic drug that recently got approved by the FDA is set to release on the market, raising Cooper’s hopes that could potentially cure his wife Amanda’s cancer. However, the rival company BioPrime buys it off the market, causing the release of the drug to be cancelled indefinitely. Filled with rage, Ray goes on a hunt to kill the CEO of BioPrime Simon Keely in order to avenge the loss of his wife.

Taking place in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Ray receives a call from a reporter named Martin Bennett who has gathered information on the criminal actions of BioPrime. Desperate to avenge his wife, Ray meets up with the reporter to discuss the information on a subway. His daughter Rachel secretly tags along. After Bennett discloses the criminal scheme of BioPrime, they are both surprised by a hitman that finds and assassinates Bennett right in front of Ray. The intense fight between the hitman and Ray and his daughter ends up with the family knocked off the train and the hitman making his escape. Confident in the information provided by the reporter, Ray decides to investigate even further about the scheme of BioPrime in order to expose the information to the public.

Overall, I think this was a great and intriguing movie because of all the organized elements and details that made the movie whole. All of the fighting and choreography made it as if you were watching a John Wick film. Every move during the fight scenes were carefully coordinated and calibrated. The experience of the actors playing in this movie is phenomenal.

My favorite part about this film was the emotional intensity that was brought upon the audience. You could almost perceive what the characters were feeling during the events that took place. This superhero-like plot would appeal to mostly everyone who enjoys action films, such as myself. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, I’d definitely recommend it!