Review: Big Brother’s season finale made history

On September 29, the show Big Brother, crowned its first Black male winner.


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Big Brother’s logo for season 23

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

After a long summer of blindsiding and backstabbing, finally, the moment has come, and a winner is crowned. On Wednesday, September 29, the season finale of Big Brother had its first-ever Black male winner. This history-making achievement took almost two decades to reach. The alliance The Cookout was created to attain this goal. The winner was predictable but the last episode revealed a ton of drama and secrets.

Big Brother is a reality game show where 16 strangers live in a house together without any access to the outside world. The houseguests compete in a variety of different challenges in an attempt to outlast elimination and stay in the house. The houseguests vote each week to evict and the last person remaining takes home the prize.

The person who took home the $750,000 prize was Xavier Prather, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prather’s main goal coming into the game was to win to support his nephew, pay off student debt, and help out his family and friends.

Although the Prather winning was somewhat expected, all of the houseguests were having a good time during the finale night. They were laughing, making jokes, and stirring up some drama. And even though every one was competing for $750,000, the jury and players were having a lot of fun along the way.

One thing I wished the two-hour finale night had more of was jury talk. The jury consists of the last nine evicted houseguests. They know a lot of what happened throughout the season and hearing them talk and spill the drama is a major part of finale night. It is interesting to hear the houseguest’s perspective on the final two and how they played the game.

Another issue was the arranged jury questions. The show would be much more juicer if the jurors made up their own questions and really let loose. Also, I noticed that not everyone asked a question to the final two. I was really looking forward to hearing one particular houseguests’ question and when they didn’t ask one, I was disappointed.

Ultimately, Big Brother finale night was really good. The end result was somewhat expected but even with an expected winner, there was plenty of drama still to unfold.