Review: YOU returns with Season 3 with our favorite psychopath couple

Welcome back, our favorite serial killer couple!

Official poster of YOU season three, featuring Penn Badlgey who plays Joe Goldberg (left), and Victoria Pedretti who plays Love Quinn (right).

Photo Netflix

Official poster of YOU season three, featuring Penn Badlgey who plays Joe Goldberg (left), and Victoria Pedretti who plays Love Quinn (right).

Christian Dingle, Staff Writer

After waiting two years for a new season of “YOU”, it’s finally here. One of Netflix’s most favorite psychological thriller shows has officially released its third season. That’s right – the return of Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) and Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) has the attention of many fans eager to see the plot unfold after the previous teaser at the finale of season two.

Season two ended with Joe Goldberg and his wife, Love Quinn, moving into the suburbs of Los Angeles to escape their serial killer pasts and to live their life happily ever after. However, they come across even more obstacles that put them that consistently tested their integrity of maintaining their marriage and sanity. What seemed like the average Los Angeles suburb setting eventually turned into another exciting and intriguing narrative, where our favorite psychopaths Joe and Love struggle to accustom to the social backdrop of their surrounding environment. As we’re all quite aware of Joe’s demented and obsessive personality, this fatal flaw of his leads to him being heavily influenced by another woman, who would then be introduced as his neighbor Natalie Engler (Michaela McManus). Joe, you really need to calm down!

While I’m not happy with Joe’s sudden infatuation with another woman, I still think that it makes it a good way to start off the new season. With Love being pregnant, Joe is very hopeful that he becomes a father to a baby girl. But come on, Joe! Seriously? Why this again? You’re a married man with a loving wife who’s pregnant. I guess Joe can’t be helped. In the meantime, Love eventually gives birth to a boy named Henry. Henry turns out to be a key factor in keeping Joe attached to Love while he obsesses over his new neighbor. After getting comfortable with the new suburban environment, Joe and Love start becoming more open with their neighbors. Love opens up a bakery in town and Joe gets a job at a library.

Alright, so this does seem like a good start to a new life for Joe and Love – despite the fact that Joe is in his stalking session once again. After getting closer to Natalie, we can clearly see the mutual connection starting to build up between the two. Becoming even closer to each other, Joe then realizes his mistake and backs away. Unfortunately, the mistake he made would eventually foil everything. Love eventually finds out that Natalie and Joe have been talking with each other. Being aware of Joe’s personality, she decides to take things into her own hands in order to save their marriage.  Let’s just say that things don’t end well. One big mistake leads to another, which totally defines the plot of this show. You know, I’m seriously loving these ups and downs in the show.

I genuinely enjoyed watching this season and I’ll definitely say that it’s more interesting than seasons one and two. The famous Joe inside monologue made me laugh a bit too. Penn Badgley did a great job with his acting, maintaining the same personality as he did from season one. I’d totally recommend anyone out there who hasn’t watched the third season yet to come and see what it’s all about – you won’t regret it.