Graphic and illustration of Styles in one of his outfits from the tour. (Photo Juno Le)
Graphic and illustration of Styles in one of his outfits from the tour.

Photo Juno Le

HSLOT Will Have You “Falling” for Harry Styles

After over a year of delays, Harry Styles finally kicked off his spectacular tour, "Love on Tour," in the beginning off September.

October 28, 2021

Now, I had never been a huge Harry Styles or One Direction fan, but when “Fine Line,” Harry’s second solo album, came out in 2019, I immediately fell in love with his music. Every song is extremely catchy, yet unique and has its own, equally powerful, mood and message.

“Fine Line” was Style’s chance to break away from his boy band image. An ideal opportunity to prove that he could be taken seriously as a solo artist, and he exceeded expectations.¬†I was reluctant to give “Fine Line” a listen, but once I did, my mind was completely opened. I realized that Styles has always been a talented artist, I was just too close-minded to see his potential. I think that many others went through a similar experience as me.

When Styles announced his tour, not long after the release of “Fine Line,” I immediately bought tickets. However, it was nearly two years before I was actually able to see him due to COVID. Let me tell you, this tour was well worth the wait.

Not only was Style’s performance amazing, but so was the environment at the concert. Everyone I met there was so nice and unbelievably well dressed. Most people there were very respectful of the requested mask mandate. Harry Styles himself made an announcement before coming on stage requesting that everyone please wear a mask for the entirety of the concert.

Styles brought lovable energy to stage that made it impossible not to enjoy the concert. And he made sure to interact with the crowd frequently. At one point, he had the entire arena singing happy birthday to a lucky 19 year old.

However, Style’s stage presence wasn’t the only great thing about his act. His performance was amazing as well and had everyone in the crowd singing along and dancing. By the end of the night, my voice was so hoarse I could barely speak.

His performance was not only¬†unbelievable, but very emotional. Many fans, like myself, had been waiting over two years since purchasing our tickets, to see Styles. When we finally got to see him in person, it was touching and beautiful. Many people have developed personal attachments to his songs or linked them with a core memory. In my case, “Sign of the Times” reminds me of one of my best friends who moved away recently and hearing Styles play it live almost brought me to tears.

Seeing “Harry Styles: Love on Tour” was an amazing experience and definitely worth the long wait. If you ever get the opportunity to see him on tour I would highly recommend it. Even if you don’t know much of his music, you will still have a great time.

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