Harry Styles pleases us with new beauty line

“Find your pleasing” with Styles’ new beauty company.


Photo www.pleasing.com

The logo for Harry Styles new beauty company, Pleasing, is displayed with two models showing off the abundance Styles wants his beauty products to give off.

Allie Barton and Keirra McGoldrick

On Nov. 14, Styles announced his new beauty company by creating an Instagram account for it, @pleasing. He and his team created three separate posts with each caption spelling out the brand’s motto, “Find your pleasing.” Before publishing his beauty line, he promoted it by teasing the new brand to create buzz and wonder for his fans.

Harry Styles is a British musician and actor. His music career jump-started on the UK TV show “X-Factor” in 2010. After the show, he and the four others he was partnered with started a music career as the ‘One Direction’ band and grew widely popular. The first movie Styles starred in was the 2017 film “Dunkirk.” He is known for his eccentric style and his one-of-a-kind voice. He has been a big part of normalizing “feminine” trends for men, such as painting his fingernails and wearing a dress for a recent VOGUE magazine. 

The beauty line consists of nail polish and skin-care products. There are a total of four nail polishes. Perfect Pearl, Pearly Tops, Inky Pearl and Granny’s Pink Pearl. The Pleasing Pen is a dual-ended serum pen. One end is fresh eye gel designed to soothe the under-eye area for a new finish and the other is a lip serum described as a “demi-matte lip treatment [that] soothes and replenishes with marshmallow extract and olive oil-derived squalane.”

To promote the company, Styles starred on the cover of Dazed magazine and told a journalist at Dazed, “I really think that’s what ‘Pleasing’ is: looking at these moments, finding them, highlighting them and helping other people find them.” Styles has told his fans many times to embrace who they are no matter what. So it’s no surprise when he was creating the brand he kept those ideas in mind. 

All products are now available on pleasing.com.