Review: WeVegan Cafe & Its Welcoming Atmosphere

A small café with a variety of food and awesome service.


Photo Salma Boughdiri

WeVegan Cafe is placed between Headquarters Beauty Room and Judy’s Tailor Shop.

Salma Boughdiri, Staff Writer

When you first arrive at WeVegan Cafe, you don’t think much of it when you look at it from the outside. That all changes once you step in through their doors. When you enter the cafe, you are introduced to a very cozy atmosphere, with cute decorations and even couches to sit on. People are chatting and enjoying their meals and you’re greeted by the employees. It is like entering a whole new realm, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much. 

Finding the perfect place to go hang and eat with your friends is quite difficult. You would want to look for a place that offers a cozy atmosphere and great service. Located at 4326 S Manhattan Ave, Tampa, FLA, WeVegan Cafe, is a perfect place for such occasions. Not only are they of good service, but they also have amazing desserts, drinks and even a healthy vegetarian option for those who want it.

WeVegan cafe is a female-owned business that’s also popular for its breakfast, lunch and solo dining. They really appreciate it when you give them feedback on their service and food. For instance, on the website one individual left a review saying, “A little pricey, but very cozy. A good place to read a book or chill for some light conversation with friends. The lady at the counter was so sweet and pleasant. I’ll bring my friend along next time.”

WeVegan cafe’s desserts were the most fascinating food they had in my opinion. From the cookies to cakes, they all looked so unique, colorful and delicious. One of which was called “The Cookie Bomb”, which was a chocolate cookie that had orange sprinkles on top. There were even two Oreos with orange frosting in the middle. It was quite sweet and appetizing. On the day before Halloween, they also made Halloween-themed desserts, which I thought was very cool.

My dining experience at WeVegan Cafe was better than expected. It wasn’t too loud or crowded. The employees there were super polite and gave my friend and me a very nice welcome. The desserts were all laid out in front of us in their cases. Everything looked so mouthwatering, it was hard to pick out what we wanted. Once we ordered our food, we looked for a place to sit. There were plenty of seats and even a couch area. When we found a spot we sat and ate our food. It was quite tasty. 

The fresh and delicious cookies are already made and set by the cash register, along with other snacks. The decorations are all scattered on shelves hung on the wall. (Photo Salma Boughdiri)

The café was well decorated with lots of plants, stuffed toys, and small ornaments. By the window is a rack filled with shirts in which some were labeled “Tampa Bay” on them. Next to the rack is a big fridge that contains nice cold beverages and other types of foods in their containers.

I enjoyed eating out at WeVegan Cafe. I think the experience of eating there is quite worth it. So if you’re looking for a calm place to eat with friends, I highly recommend this place. I personally am looking forward to dining there again.


Open seven days a week

7 A.M.- 4 P.M.  Monday-Friday

8 A.M.- 4 P.M. Saturday & Sunday

Website: WeVegan Eats