Review: Stray Kids newly released holiday album “Christmas EveL”

Stray Kids gift their fans with a special holiday album.


Photo Stray Kids

Album cover for Stray Kids holiday album “Christmas EveL.”

Salma Boughdiri, Staff Writer

K-pop boy band, Stray Kids, are a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment that debuted in 2017. They are composed of eight lovely members and produce their own music.

Recently, Stray Kids scheduled to release an album on Nov. 29 called “Christmas EveL”, the album is meant to contain songs that hold the holiday spirit. Christmas EveL consists of 4 songs, three of which come with their own MV.

The first song I listened to from their album was “24 to 25”. This song sounds so sweet and fills my heart with warmth, it also enchants me with Christmas spirit. All the members’ vocals sounded so heavenly! I’m definitely playing it on Christmas morning.

The next song is my by far favorite, it’s called “Christmas EveL” just like the album’s name. This song was so catchy compared to the others and also happened to be more energetic than your usual Christmas-themed songs. I also liked the last part where they began to sing “Feliz Navidad.” When you watch the MV, it’s even more enjoyable because of how creative they were. I really enjoyed the part where they got caught by the little girl while trying to fulfill Santa’s job.

The third song is actually an English version of a song they released a bit earlier called “DOMINO.” It’s just as catchy and was also very satisfying to hear their voices when they sing it in both Korean and English.

The last song is called “Winter Falls” and in my opinion, I think it’s the most emotional song on this album. It talks about heartbreak and they display it so well in this song. The singing and acting in this one portrayed many feelings. Seeing them all so broken made me want to cry too. This song itself is a masterpiece.

Stray Kids have again exceeded my expectations and continue to amaze me with what they can do! I’d say this album is a solid 10/10 and is definitely an album to listen to on a nice Christmas day.