Bonjour Again from Emily Cooper

And she is back, but this time, she left me speechless… in a very bad way.


Photo IMDb

Official poster for season two of “Emily in Paris”.

Cecilia Cheng, A&E Editor

Season two of “Emily in Paris” is finally here! A fun and quirky show that came out during 2020, its newest season was officially released on Wednesday, Dec. 22. But I’m just going to get straight to the point, it did not live up to its hype.

The show is focused around Emily Cooper (Lily Collins) and her adventures around Paris when she is put on the spot to work as a marketing executive at Savoir. We finished season one with the fact that Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) is actually not leaving Paris, which Cooper finds out about after sleeping with him (keep in mind that he is also her best friend, Camille’s, boyfriend.) Season two picks right back up with this plot and that’s when things go south.

First of all, a big complaint people, including me, have about this season is how much it disrespects the French culture. Towards the end of the season, Cooper’s boss, Madeline Wheeler (Kate Walsh) comes in and completely messes up the whole dynamic of the office. She is not only rude but also even more inconsiderate about their office regulations. I get that she’s pregnant, but all I see her ever do is eat her baby carrots and boss people around.

I also feel like a big part of it is how they labeled Parisians to be cheaters. This is actually very uncommon because like every other human being, no one is that open about their relationship. At this point, all they can talk about are these twisted relationships to the point where the show got so boring because of the repetitive and predictable plot.

Not to mention, the show glamorizes everything about the city. Yes, Paris is a very pretty and fun vacation spot, but there are also so many things the show got wrong and Parisians are not happy about it. According to, it’s actually not illegal to work on weekends and smoking inside is definitely not allowed. And these are just two small things that an actual French person pointed out.

But also can we talk about the fact that they did all of these characters no justice. Everyone hates Emily now because well, the only thing she is good at apparently is meddling into other people’s relationships. Mindy Chen (Ashley Park) could’ve had such a great career but I feel like the show writers were setting her up for failure from the very beginning. And let’s not forget about Camille (Camille Razat) and Gabriel, their relationship also could’ve worked out if they stopped keeping secrets from each other (and if Gabriel would stop loving his upstairs neighbor.

Although it was a quick watch (yes they even shortened the episodes from an hour-long to 30 minutes), it was not worth my time in my opinion. I’m usually a very optimistic and positive person when it comes to these, but there just wasn’t anything in the show worth sitting down and binging over for. Sure, Cooper had some crazy outfits that were very interesting to me, but overall, the show was definitely not très bien.