Cordae Gets Lyrical with New Album “From a Birds Eye View”

Album cover of 
From a Birds Eye View from Cordae. The album was released on Atlantic Records and Art@War.

Photo Atlantic Records and [email protected]

Album cover of “From a Bird’s Eye View” from Cordae. The album was released on Atlantic Records and [email protected]

Jeremiah Sawyer, Staff Writer

Cordae finally dropped his anticipated album “From a Birds Eye View” on Jan 14. Coming off confident, Cordae drops his long-awaited album with features from Lil Wayne, H.E.R., Lil Durk and more.

With melodic and nostalgic beats, Cordae shows out with a breathless flow, insane rhymes and deep lyrics illustrating mistakes he’s made in life, giving wisdom in his rhymes and speaking nothing but facts on every track.

While it was insanely hard to pick my top three songs, out of the 14 we’ve been blessed with, I would have to choose “Super”, “Chronicles” and “Westlake High”. On Super, Cordae keeps a playful tone while flaunting the wealth and lifestyle he’s achieved at a young age. On this track he also gets real with the line “Young, rich, Black, they hate me in America” which spotlights systematic racism that has been hurting minorities.

My next top song “Chronicles”, featuring by H.E.R. and Lil Durk, gave us a new look at Cordae, where he vocalizes over Destiny Child’s track “Say my Name”. This might have been my favorite song off the album. With Cordae and H.E.R. both on the chorus and providing separate verses, the melody of this song was just amazing to listen to. And of course, Lil Durk didn’t disappoint with his verse on the song showing the more intimate side of him that blended well with Cordae and H.E.R.

My third song is probably Sinister ft Lil Wayne. As a big Lil Wayne fan I loved the upbeat tempo and flow of this song coming from both parties and the overall energy from the song. Between Cordae and Lil Wayne I might have to give best verse to Cordae on this one. He most definitely impressed me with his rhymes and bars, and while he may have shined Lil Wayne certainly played his part.

Overall the album was certainly a win in my book- 9/10. Every feature was worth it, every song was top-tier, and Cordae shined with his second studio album. For those who haven’t listened yet I certainly recommend taking some time to listen.