“FROM”: The New Best Gen Horror Show?

Beware! Watch if you dare, because you’re in for a scare!


Photo Epix

A photographic image depicting Harold Perrineau with the background being the original setting of the production.

Christian Dingle, Staff Writer

Imagine living in a nightmarish world where you’re forced to live in an old town and creatures come to hunt you down at night. Monsters roaming around left and right; there are not many places to run and hide either. “FROM” is a new generation drama, horror, suspense and mystery show that you can watch on the Epix app.

The show starts off in the frightful town where sheriff Boyd Stevens (Harold Perrineau) is ringing a bell and shouting at people to go inside their house, as nighttime approaches. While it is not exactly stated why yet, this left me wondering just what the heck is going on? To my surprise, the answer was given to me right after: Monsters. These monsters aren’t your average monsters; they are more sinister, creepy and outright perfectly written – almost as if you were reading a Stephen King novel.

The scene then transitions to the Matthews family, who are going on a road trip in their RV. Everything seems to be going well until they unexpectedly find their way into the town. They notice something is off about the town, as the residents are all acting strange towards them. Finding it uncanny, the family leaves the town, only to find their way back into the town. Infuriated, the father Jim Matthews (Eion Bailey) continuously tries to find a way out of the town, but it has no effect. Soon after, the family gets into a car accident, leaving them stranded in the surrounding forest of the town.

Hearing about this, Sheriff Boyd and his comrades go to investigate the accident. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of time to save the family. Seeing the little boy Ethan Matthews (Simon Webster) in critical condition, they need to perform immediate surgery. However, nighttime has already arrived. Stuck inside the RV, they decide to perform the surgery inside of it. Being surrounded by the monsters with their only protection being the talisman that repels them, they struggle to keep their sanity as the monsters are quite literally outside the walls of the RV. What happens next is for you to find out…

This show turned out to be very good. I enjoyed it very much. I highly recommend watching it if you’re into the listed genre. Like most horror movies and shows, this show contains a lot of blood and gore. Otherwise, I would say it’s a good watch. The first 10 episodes are already out, with a 50-minute average watch time for each episode. Season two is expected to come out as well. In the meantime, go watch the show now! You won’t be disappointed.