The front exterior of the World’s largest McDonald’s located in Orlando, FLA. (Photo Cecilia Cheng)
The front exterior of the World’s largest McDonald’s located in Orlando, FLA.

Photo Cecilia Cheng

The World’s Biggest McDonald’s Was A True Disappointment

Just because the restaurant is big, doesn't mean their food is good.

May 5, 2022

The RHSToday and Excalibur Yearbook staff took a trip to the world’s biggest McDonald’s located in Orlando, Fla. as the Florida Scholastic Press Association (FSPA) convention took place right across from the restaurant this year. We certainly though weren’t “lovin’ it”. 

After a long hard day of competing in contests and attending different journalism specialty classes, we were starving to death and looking for a well-needed break from the chaos. Let’s just say we got the total opposite of what we wished for. 

People file into lines as they try to place their orders on the tablets. Photo Cecilia Cheng

As soon as we pull in, we immediately noticed the long drive-through lines. We struggled to find a parking spot but finally succeed after five long minutes. We practically ran inside the restaurant, since our bodies have been searching for one solid meal in our system. As soon as we opened the double glass doors, our jaws dropped. The whole restaurant was jammed packed with people and all gave off tourist vibes, which we thought was hilarious.

We waited a solid 20 minutes in the long dreadful lines before our fingers ever came in contact with the ordering machines. What we did notice was how differently the restaurant operated on a full mobile order and contactless order system, which was understandable due to the lack of workers these past two years.

When we were ordering, we didn’t notice that much of a price difference, but the variety of choices they had was spectacular. Not only do they sell burgers and French fries, but this McDonald’s also offers pizza and customizable pasta. None of us tried it, however, because it just didn’t sound appealing to most of our empty stomachs. One thing that I wasn’t happy about was how you can only pay if you have a card or Apple Pay. Several of us don’t have our own cards yet, so it was a struggle trying to figure out who owe who and how much money.

A tired worker cuts the pizza. (Photo Cecilia Cheng)

While the rest waited in an area for their order number to be called, the other half of us did some exploring on the second floor, which was where the infamous arcade and playground were located. As soon as we got to the second floor, one sense hit us: sweat. The number of kids running around in dripping sweat turned our stomachs around and made us want to throw up before we even started eating. In spite of the harsh odor, they did however have a very good selection of arcade games ranging from basketball to Mario Kart.

A lady enjoys her visit at McDonald’s as she intensely focuses on playing Mario Kart. (Photo Cecilia Cheng)

Our food was finally finished after around half an hour of waiting. As we got our order, we immediately noticed how understaffed they were and felt bad for them. Like us, most of them looked super tired and exhausted and just wanted this day to be over with. The lady who we talked to though was really nice and wished us a good rest of her day. 

Leaving that place felt so relieving and felt like stress taken off our shoulders as we have been on the hunt for food (that weren’t snacks) since 12 p.m. that day.  It took us 45 minutes to get back into our hotel rooms, which could have how everything tasted. 

My order which was a deluxe crispy chicken sandwich meal honestly wasn’t bad, but anything tastes good when you are hungry. We all agreed how the fries were soggy and felt like they have been ready and just sitting there for a whole day. Also, was it fried in the cleanest oil? No, and you can definitely taste the difference compared to one’s deep-fried in clean cooking oil.

A kid and her mom slowly enjoy their meal. (Photo Cecilia Cheng

We all came to the conclusion of how we would never go back to that McDonald’s again. Everyone’s experiences are one of a kind, so we would encourage trying out the place if you ever get the chance to. We were able to talk to a guy from the United Kingdom who said in a very enthusiastic tone how this is the only McDonald’s in America where pizza is sold. He also added on how they had it in the UK and it brings him good memories. It was definitely a thrilling experience, but not one we would want to encounter again.

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