What Is Buc-EE’s and Why Am I Obsessed?

Buc-ee’s is something everyone should experience.


Photo Lindsey Chadwick

A picture of the Buc-ee’s sign in the front of the store.

Lindsey Chadwick, Opinion Editor

I don’t know if you have heard about the gas station/convenience store called Buc-ee‘s but it might be one of the coolest places I’ve been to. There are only two in Fla., one in Daytona and the other in St. Augustine. The way I would describe it would is that it’s similar to a Wawa in the sense that it has food and gas, but it also clashes with a HomeGoods mixed with a Walmart.

Buc-ee’s is famous for its barbecue, beef jerky and of course, Buc-ee the beaver. It has an entire merch line just for this beaver. Anything and everything from swimsuits to blankets and drinking cups to pajamas. Personally, like many others, my favorite thing to get there is the beaver nuggets. They are sweet and salty with a caramelized crunch. Also, I tried for the first time their teriyaki-flavored beef jerky. I would have to say it is pretty good. They have a ton of different flavors and I would love to try a couple of different ones.

I think what makes it so special is that it is unlike anything anyone has ever seen before. When you walk in it is overwhelming at first. There is always a ton of people crowding around the barbecue area and, with it being a very large store, there is an excessive amount of stuff inside. I will have to warn you, it is very possible you could spend hours in that place. Not saying I have or haven’t but it is hard to not look at everything in the entire store.

It is the ultimate road trip stop. It has clean restrooms, a ton of good food choices and even souvenirs. Also, it gives you a much-needed break. I have been on my fair share of road trips and I know sometimes you get tired and hangry. Buc-ee’s might just save your entire family from ripping each other apart.

Honestly, it’s worth the trip. If you have driven through Georgia or even near Jacksonville or St. Augustine, you need to try Buc-ee’s. It is an experience you won’t want to miss out on.