This Year’s Met Gala Didn’t Meet My Expectations At All

A 2022 take of “Gilded Glamour.”


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Cecilia Cheng, A&E Editor

The Met Gala is back again! Notably known as the biggest night of the year for fashion, celebrities and designers filed into The Metropolitan Museum of Art on Monday, May 2, some dressed extravagantly while others looked ridiculous. This year’s theme was “Gilded Glamour” and somehow, barely anyone was dressed on theme once again.

But let’s first talk about what “Gilded Glamour” is. The Gilded age took place in America between 1870 and 1890, when our nation saw a major boost in our economy due to industrialization. The theme essentially illustrates how money and elegance were used to hide the era’s social instability and upheaval during this theme period. So in my head, I imagined ball gowns and glitter and sparkles, but instead, I just got a whole load of disappointment.

First would be Kylie Jenner, who showed up in a cheap-looking wedding dress and a baseball cap. I would have never imagined a wealthy celebrity like her to show up in something so basic and out of place. The cutout of her dress made her look like an octopus with the cutout of the train and ruffles reminding me of tenacles.

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The dress that stood out to me most though would have to be Blake Lively’s. Once again, she never fails to dress to impress. As one of the hosts of this year’s Gala, Lively came in a color-transforming Versace gown which had me in awe. Just like every other year, she stunned the internet as soon as she walked into the venue with her husband, Ryan Reynolds. She discussed in an interview how she wore the dress to be a tribute to New York City architecture, as the dress includes details of some of New York’s famous landmarks.

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Going back to the list of disappointments, next on the list would have to be Kim Kardashian’s dress, which sparked a lot of controversy. Kardashian’s dress was originally worn by Marilyn Monroe when she sang “Happy Birthday Mr. President” to President John F. Kennedy. It’s one of the most notable and legendary dresses in American history, which got a lot of people mad since many felt like she ruined its meaning. Not to mention, Kardashian said she had to lose 16 pounds in two weeks to fit into the dress, which was incredibly dangerous and she even went as far as bleaching her hair to look more like Monroe.

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Lastly, I would like to point out Megan Thee Stallion in her gold Moschino dress. She definitely understood the assignment. When I first saw her on the live, my jaw dropped. The contrast between the gold and her dark skin made her look like a goddess. Also, her bold makeup and wings bring the whole outfit together, making her look eyecatching and elegant.

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To be honest, I expected way much more from this year’s theme. To this day, I still can’t accept the fact that most celebrities came in black. I also felt like the Met Gala has changed and is a lot different than before. Although I have no problem with Emma Chamberlain, having so many more influencers there than before, in my opinion, definitely ruins the rawness of this long-awaited night.