How To Plan For The Perfect Beach Day

As you get ready to go to the beach this summer, here are a few tips before your trip.


Photo Julia Guillermo

Watching the sunset at Clearwater Beach, during the Summer.

Julia Guillermo, Staff Writer

As school is quickly coming to an end that means the summer festivities are well on their way. With that being said, many students will be heading to the beach, so here is a list of tips for having a perfect day at the beach.

1. Pick one of your favorite beaches

Florida has a variety of beaches to choose from, which can be overwhelming at times, especially the beaches that are more popular. However, it’s so much easier when you already have a clear idea of what beach you want to go to. When choosing a beach you should always think about the atmosphere you prefer. My favorite beach by far is Sunset Beach because it’s more of a laid-back environment. However, it’s really up to you. It is also important to note the popularity of the beach because traffic and parking could be a potential issue.

2. Check the weather

Always check the weather in advance before heading to the beach. Especially, because it is Florida the weather can change at any given time. It is important that you are using a reliable weather forecaster when checking, so you have an accurate idea of the weather pattern. When looking at the weather you should also be aware of the time at which you plan on going, so you can take into account the temperature and potentially the crowdedness of the beach. This will also help you decide what you should wear and bring with you to the beach. If you do happen to experience bad weather conditions, a beneficial tip is to bring an umbrella just in case.

3. Wear the proper attire

When going to the beach try and wear what’s most comfortable for you. It is important to note that clothes such as sweatshirts and/or pants are most likely not the best option unless you’re watching the sunset. If you are going to the beach in the early or mid-afternoon, you should wear your bathing suit and a t-shirt, shorts, a sundress, skirt, etc. to go along with it. The type of shoes also matters, so try and avoid sneakers or any shoes with high bottoms, rather go for sandals or crocs. Bringing an extra pair of clothes is also beneficial, especially if you’re going to go somewhere afterward.

4. Pack snacks/lunch and enough water

It is very important to pack enough food and water when planning a beach day. Bring a cooler for your drinks, as well as a bag to put your food. A list of drinks and snacks to bring that are perfect for the beach are sodas, Caprisuns, chips, fruit, sandwiches, etc. Bringing your own food and drinks will help you save money, as well as your time waiting in lines. If you choose to eat out, make sure to check the food places around you, so you are aware of your options.

5. Bring sun protection

Wearing sunscreen or something to protect yourself from the sun, such as sunglasses or a hat will save you from getting sunburnt. If you plan on going to the beach for a long period of time, it is especially important to protect your skin from Florida’s harsh UV rays. Check the UV rays before heading to the beach, so you have an idea of how much sunscreen you may need and how often you may have to reapply.

6. Create your own setup 

When going to the beach you’re going to want to enjoy yourself, so it’s important that you bring the proper stuff for you to relax. The best things to bring when planning for a beach day are beach chairs, an umbrella and a beach blanket. You also do not want to forget to bring towels, so have a beach bag with you so you can put all of your belongings in it (keys, wallet, phone, etc.)

7. Bring beach games/activities

Having nothing to do at the beach can be quite boring, so think of fun activities and/or games that would be fun to bring. If you are going with a group of friends, having things such as a volleyball, football or spikeball will make your time at the beach more fun. Having things for the water will also add more fun to your beach trip, such as floaties, a surfboard, boogies boards, etc. If you’d rather relax instead, bringing a book, a diary or painting supplies is also an option.