“Harry’s House” Has Made Its Way Home

Harry Styles finds his voice with his junior album.


Photo PopSugar

The album art to Harry Style’s junior album “Harry’s House”.

Cecilia Cheng, A&E Editor

Harry Styles recently released his highly anticipated junior album “Harry’s House” and although it’s not what fans expected, it has quickly crawled its way into all of our hearts.

After listening to it for the first time, I was left speechless, but not in a good way. Out of all three of his albums, personally, it’s not my favorite since his style indeed did change a little bit. To me, this was not a no-skip album because there were a lot of songs that were just eh.

The opening to the song was “Music For a Sushi Restaurant” and the title couldn’t be any more right. It’s not something I would add to my playlist, but it was very catchy and upbeat; a good way to start the album, as it sets the tone for the album. In my opinion, it wasn’t my favorite song, but I thought the sound effects were cool. His vocals are also very present all throughout the song, making it sound more personal. The song was lacking lyrics, so if you are someone who likes to analyze the lyrics to a song, this would not be the album for you.

Track two was “Late Night Talking” and although it didn’t strike out to me, it’s become many fans’ favorite. This would be the song you hear when you walk into an H&M. It seems like the song that is going to get overplayed on TikTok (like “Watermelon Sugar” and “Adore you”). Even though I’m not trying to hate on it, this has to be my least favorite song on the album. It felt like a stepback compare to all of his other songs.

My favorite song on the album would have to be “Matilda.” The beginning with the guitar gave it a cozy vibe like he’s entering a new era in his career. Out of all the songs, it was the most touching to me (maybe due to the fact all my senior friends are leaving) and would be the song I would play at a farewell party. It was a good shift from the more upbeat songs and the right way to sum up all the good memories and accomplishments Styles achieved throughout his career.

Let me just make it clear that I was sobbing by the end of Track 13 (aka the last track). “Love of my life” is my second favorite on the album and honestly, this would be such a good song to scream to in the car. The song has overall good vibes to it and is the perfect song to play to start your day off right. The beat at the ending was what made me emotionally unstable. The fact that he used this beat to hint at the release of the album just tied it all together, making me want to relisten to the album again and at the same time, reminisce how far he has come.

Being his first album in three years, this was honestly a stepping stone for his career. It seems like he has finally found his own style, with the whole album being more low-key and his voice really coming through in a very special way. “Harry’s House” gives off ’80s vibes but with a modern twist to it. I would definitely be listening to this album while doing my homework, but it’s also perfect for a relaxing summer day.