Volleyball team battles for the win on senior night


The Lady Knights cheer after they get a point against Newsome on Wednesday.

Anna Thomas, Editor-in-Chief

The Lady Knights haven’t played a five-set match since their loss to Bloomingdale in the first game of the season. But on Wednesday, Oct. 11, the last regular season game, the Lady Knights took down Newsome 3-2.

“I guess it’s kind of ironic in a way, on our last game of the season,” head coach Ashley “AJ” Johnson said. “We go to five and we win.”

After winning the first set 25-17, Robinson fell short in the second and third sets losing 25-21 and 25-19. Robinson came back in the final two sets with a score of 25-14 and 15-10, taking the win on senior night.

The Knights quickly came out ahead, but as the game continued, the rallies were longer and the suspense grew. But the Lady Knights were able to keep their composure.

“When we get down, we don’t get too down to where we just shut off,” outside hitter Jada Flanegan (’18) said. “We know how to overcome challenges.”

Before the game, the seven volleyball seniors were honored as a part of the senior night festivities: Ashley Osiason, Elly Frierson, Jenna Anders, Emma Woodlock, Mileena Wilkins, Christiana Rolack and Jada Flanegan.

Due to it being the last regular game of the season, the Lady Knights implemented new techniques in preparation for the playoffs.

“We’re trying some more complicated things and that’s what got us down,” Johnson said. “That’s why we lost the sets; we couldn’t run the kind of plays we wanted to on a serve-receive and the girls weren’t used to it.”

The Lady Knights have their next district matchup on Tuesday, Oct. 17, at Middleton High School (4801 N 22nd St, Tampa, FL 33610).