The IB Hunger Games

Christine Bocchino, Clubs/Organizations Editor

If you walked through the IB English hallway before school on Wednesday, you would experience a strange sight- and by “before school,” think 5 in the morning.

This was the reality of many IB juniors after they stumbled tiredly into the hallway to get in line to sign up for Individual Oral Presentation, or IOP, topics.

“We were here before the gate was unlocked, and finally the janitor walked in,” said Veronica Laux as she sat clutching the paper which held her topic choices. Choosing a topic for the IOP is a competitive event comparable to the Hunger Games for these IB students, which surprised both the teachers and students.

“I thought I would be fine coming here at 6, but thirty kids were already here!” exclaimed Elizabeth Proenza, one of the many students who arrived with wide eyes and disbelief.

But the award for the most motivated IOP topic-picker that day was Claire Hawley, who arrived at 4:50 A.M.

“I wanted to make sure I was first,” said Hawley. “It was so creepy and dark.”

She received the coveted spot as “#1” on the list which would determine everyone’s December presentation; the first leap towards their coveted IB Diplomas.