USF Hot Day

Pablo Munoz, Staff Writer

What exactly is USF Hot Day?

Over  1200 band and guard students all over Hillsborough county participated in the Fall annual event. 300 members being from USF and 900 being from various schools. Taking place at Raymond James Stadium, participants had the opportunity to perform with the USF Bulls in the half time show for an experience of a lifetime. Taking place the 31st of August, participants all assembled on the east side of Fowler Field for some last minute practice with the HOT Bulls or in other words the herd of thunder (HOT). With weeks worth of preparation, only 42 students from each school were allowed to participate in the performance.”All the HOT Day kids practiced together ahead of time for the music” says Ryan Gingrich (15′). It’s a first come, first served basis. In order for band students to participate, filled paperwork was a requirement that was available on the USF’s homepage website.