Five Questions with Jack Miles


Jack Miles is the man behind all the technology on campus. He also helps parents and students with Edsby passwords.

John "JJ" Speights, Cub Reporter

Jack Miles is the man everyone calls when they have a problem with their computers. Though most students don’t know him, he is also the one that helps with passwords and students accounts on both school computers and Edsby.

How long have you been woring at Robinson High School?

This is my fourth year as a technology resource. I also worked one year in the success center prior to the technology resource position being created.

Was being a teacher always your job in life?

No, I was always interested in computers and technology. My degree is in Information System. I have held IT jobs in defense and retail drug industry primarily in applications development. Working in the shool system is a new venture for me.

What high school did you go?

St. Petersburg High School.

Do you get along with your students?

I get along with any students who put forth an effort to better themselves.

What made you want to teach Tech Resource?

Basically, I took the position because I thought I could make a difference in this school and I worked well with the administation. “teaching’ technology is a little different in this position which is rather unique. My primary responsibility is maintaining, the hardware, software and network on this campus. In addition, to this I help teachers in using technology in their classes. My “teaching” consists mostly of one on one session with an individual teacher or finding ways to fill a need. The teachers do not have a lot of free time to attend meeting or internal classes. Due to the constraints, it is hard to get group activity scheduled. Part of this job is to identify areas for improvement and find resources or methods to strenghten these areas. So, if I don’t consider myself a subject area expert I find someone who is.