Camelot Cafe


Gabriela O'Brion, Staff Writer

On November 7th, the Culinary Class’s Camelot Café officially opened. The Camelot Café is a chance for students in the class to experience what it’s like to work in a real restaurant. Teachers pay eight dollars and get served a three course meal, including a salad, entrée and dessert, as well as a beverage. The food is entirely student prepared.

“I’ve had most of the jobs in this industry, so it was great to be able to help the others,” said Jeffrey Ferguson (’15).

The students have been unofficially preparing for the grand opening since the very first day of class, although the real prep work such as making the food started two days before the event. Chef Clarke, the teacher of the Culinary Class, helps to advise the students and show them how to make the food. However, after that, they need to develop the skills and be able to manage themselves in order to make food fit for the guests.

“[Camelot Café] is the funnest part of the whole class, even though it’s a lot of work,” said Yalesis Torres (’14).

On the day of the opening, the students were anxious, but excited. They were expecting a total of forty-one guests. Four during A-Lunch, eighteen during B-Lunch, and nineteen during C-Lunch. Although at first, they still hadn’t completely gotten the hang of everything, by the time the last guest in the first lunch packed their leftovers, they had developed a good idea of how it all woked.

“I help them stay together, keep things flowing, flowing, flowing!” said Chris David (’14).

The general consensus between the students was that working in the Camelot Café was hard work, but completely worth it. From serving hungry guests, making delicious food, and doing all of the clean up afterward, they were able to get a feel of what working in a real restaurant would be like.

“This is a great experience,” said Ferguson, simply.