Fall Concert

Gabriela O'Brion, Staff Writer

On November 21st at 7:00 p.m., the Robinson Band began the first concert of the season. Most of the music they played kept with the theme of their ‘1941’ Marching Show, honoring Our Nation’s heroes. The show was a success, although many of the band members had differing opinions on the quality of the performance.

“We did okay. It wasn’t the best, we could’ve done better. But it was okay,” said trumpet-player, Christopher Elkington (’14).

In addition to performances by the Wind Ensemble and the Concert Band, the entire Marching Band played the music from their Marching Show, ‘1941’. They have had much more time to rehearse these songs than the rest of the concert. Several students were very proud of the show.

“The performance was ‘swagalicious’,” said saxophone player, Cameron Gerus (’17).

This show marked the transition from Marching to Concert Season for the Knights Band. Marching Season focuses on perfecting one show comprised of four songs and elaborate marching. However, once Concert Season begins, they concentrate entirely on the music. During performances, they do nothing but play the chosen songs. Although the transition is extreme, the Knights appeared to have adjusted relatively quickly.

“For the amount of time that we had to practice and rehearse this concert, I think it went well, but we can always do better. I look forward to what I know is going to be the rest of a great season,” said Alexandra O’Brion (’14), Band Captain, clarinet and sousaphone player.