The Lady or the Tiger?

The Lady or the Tiger?

Claire Chen, Staff Writer

In one door, a hungry and ferocious tiger awaits. In the other, a beautiful lady who marries whoever opens her door. With absolutely no idea which door hides what,your fate is left entirely up to chance.

For those unfamiliar with the story, the basic premise of the game is as written above. This “justice” to whatever crime the victim was accused of punishes or rewards you immediately, regardless of the circumstances. However, in this special case, the crime is loving the princess, and she knows what is behind each door. As her lover looks to her in the final moments of the story for help, she gives him a signal as to which door to open.

The twist? The story ends before he opens a door.

This baffling classic tale of choices and speculation will be performed by the RHS Thespian Troupe #2660 of the Performing Arts Club next Wednesday at the USF District One-Act play competition. In preparation, the Troupe will perform the play during 3rd period (22 for IB students) also that Wednesday, starting at 9:45.

The performance will be 40 minutes long, so traditional students will go to 4th period and IB students to lunch when it is over.

While it will mostly be English classes attending, other classes may also attend if the teacher will email Mrs. Pelamati, the sponsor of the Troupe.

Please come support the Thespian Troupe as they bring this classic to life.