Student Experiences from the Band Trip to DC


Gabriela O'Brion, Staff Writer

Cameron Gerus (’17)

1. How was your very first trip as a member of the Robinson High School Band?

It was very enjoyable. Or should I say swag-a-licious?

2. How did this trip improve the relationships you had with the other Band Members?

We got to visit all the monuments as a band, and it was really fun. I had a lot of fun just hanging out with them and making new friends.

3. What was the best souvenir you got?

I bought a bunch of stuff. I spent almost all of the two-hundred dollars that I brought, but my favorite thing I brought home was the memories.

Larissa Krinos (’17)

1. Why didn’t you go to Washington DC with the band?

At the time, I didn’t really know anyone else in the band, and I didn’t want to go and just be all alone the whole time.

2. Do you now regret choosing not to go?

Yeah, while they were gone, I thought about going every day. I really wish I had been less shy, because it seems like everyone had an awesome time.