Cupcakes! Cupcakes! And More Cupcakes!

The Travel DECA Cupcake Bar gave students the opportunity to personalize their own tasty treat while also raising funds for an upcoming field trip to Epcot.

Emily Draper and Natalia Ayoub

A variety of flavors and a variety of toppings… What else could you ask for?

Throughout the week, Travel DECA hosted a Cupcake Bar as a fundraising event in the lunchroom.

Travel DECA is a club that aims to prepare and expose students to professions in the fields of marketing, finance, hospitality and management.

“The Cupcake Bar is to raise money for Travel DECA’s field trip to Epcot,” said Nina Montoya, junior.

Montoya was in charge of operating the bar this past Friday. Throughout all three lunches, Travel DECA had a table set up in the front of the cafeteria with a wide variety of tasty treats.

Students had the option of choosing from multiple different cupcake flavors, such as red velvet, strawberry and vanilla, in addition to toppings that ranged from sprinkles to Oreo bits and peanut butter chips.

Prices varied depending on the number of toppings students wished to indulge in, all starting at $1.

Many students, including Keana Esmkhani, freshman, had the pleasure of personalizing, decorating, and enjoying their very own cupcake while also supporting Robinson’s Travel DECA.