MPA Straight Superiors For Second Year

Emily Draper, Staff Writer

The MPA, or Music Performance Assessment, for orchestra took place Wed, Feb. 26, at Strawberry Crest High School. Almost every school in Hillsborough county with an orchestra program participated in this regional event. MPAs take place once every year.

Achieving straight superiors for two consecutive years was a huge accomplishment for Robinson’s orchestra program. Superior is the highest grade for the orchestra group to earn, on a scale from poor to superior. Straight superiors in all categories is quite an accomplishment, especially earning it two years in a row.

We got really nervous on stage about not getting a superior.”

— Violin Section Leader Josh Cruz

Section leader of the violin section, Josh Cruz (’16), described his experience at the event.

“It was a lot  of hard work, to be honest,” said Cruz. “We got really nervous on stage about not getting a superior. In the end, even though we made some mistakes, we did pretty good.”

During the event, each school performed three songs and completed a sight-reading, when the orchestra goes into a room and plays a piece of music never seen before. The three songs played this year for Robinson were “M to the Third Power,” “Antique Dances and Airs,” and “Book Green Sweets.”

Overall, this day for Robinson High School was quite a success.