KOSB Clean-Up This Sunday

Claire Chen, Staff Writer

Are you interested in helping the environment? Do you need service hours? KOSB, Robinson’s environmental club, is sponsoring a beach clean-up at the A.J. Palonis JR. park this Sunday from 10:00-12:00, which would be a great service opportunity for any students looking to do their part for the environment.

“We’re cleaning up the park so animals don’t die “, said Payton Ramey (’16), a KOSB member. “I don’t want to live in a gross world and I don’t like littering, so I want to help clean up.”

As an added incentive, KOSB members and organizers are promising food, including cookies, in order to help energize the volunteers as they work to clean up the community. For more information, please talk to KOSB club members about this service opportunity.