Claire Chen, Staff Writer

Every year on April 22, or Earth Day as it’s better known as, people around the world celebrate our planet and its conservation. In 2014, environmental organizations, such as the Earth Day Network, are focusing on the Green Cities movement, which helps growing urban areas transition into more sustainable development. However, students at Robinson still strive to do their own part to help the environment, each in their own way.

Zoe Gray (’16): “I ate a granola bar and I recycled today. Also, I’m currently studying urban patterns because I appreciate the environment.”

Bruce Plowshay (’14): “I recycled trash today. The biggest problem with the earth today is energy consumption and the fact that it’s unsustainable, and that’s what I think we should focus on this Earth Day.”

Other students also spread the word about Earth Day through social media.

Kyle Freeman (’17): “I tweeted people to plant trees and a garden center followed me, so that was pretty cool.”

Damon Willis (’15): “I sent out a mass text to all of my friends that said ‘Happy Earth Day’ and encouraged them to help the Earth.”

Even teachers got in on the celebration.

Mr. Hollis: “We’re giving out t-shirts to the environmental club members, and this weekend, we’re having an Easter egg hunt and cleanup in the park.”

Mr. Everhart: “Every ingredient in my salad came from my sustainable garden, so I’m promoting sustainability.”