That’s What She Said

G. O'Brion

(What would you do if a guy cheated on you?)

Payton Ramey (’16): “Cheat back!”

Megan Binette (’17): “I would cheat on him.”

Kaitlyn Corwin (’17): “I would confront him about it.”

Sierra Clark (’17):“I wouldn’t confront him, I would secretly put stuff in his food.”

Nell-Curry Boushall (’17):“I would probably just make his life terrible until he told me.”

(What would you do to make his life terrible?)

SC: “Put hormones in his drinks.”

NCB: “Probably, just be kind of like an awful person. I’d probably just ignore him, you know the typical silent treatment, and ignore him and do terrible things.”

(What would you do if it was your best friend?) MB: “Bad things would happen to everyone.”

SC: “I would get a new best friend.”

KC: “Hoes before bros, man. That’s not cool.”

MB: “I would cry a lot.”

NCB: “That’s kind of a terrible situation.”

PR: “I would make her cry.”

(What is your ideal date?)

PR: “Publix, we could go get cookies and stuff.”

NCB: “My ideal date would be this really good ice cream place, Dairy Joy.”

MB: “Yep. I would go there and the movies.”

NCB: “There’s that really sketchy Puppies! Puppies! Puppies!”

(When’s too soon to get married?)

Unison: “Now”

MB: “Right after high school.”

PR: “As long as it’s legal.”

(And if you had to pick one reason why you would break up with a guy, what would it be?)

KC: “Dishonesty.”

SC: “Yeah, cheating or lying.”

(If you had to choose between looking good or smelling good, which would it be?)

KC: “Ooh that’s hard one.”

PR: “I mean, you’re going to be really close with him, and if he stinks, ugh. Yeah, smelling good.”

KC: “I mean would he smell marginally good if he looked good?”


Unison: “Then, definitely smelling good.”